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Voodoo Thunderstoke Air Cleaner

Voodoo Thunderstoke Air Cleaner

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Color: Black

Upgrade your motorcycle's performance with Voodoo Thunderstoke intakes. Experience increased horsepower, quicker throttle response, and cooler engine temperatures. Say goodbye to the burning heat on your right leg and enjoy patented filter technology that filters down to 1 micron. Made with high-quality aircraft grade materials, this oil-free filter is built to last for the lifetime of your bike. Fits Thunderstroke 111 and 116 motors from 2015 through 2022.


NOTE: New Indian Chief models will require an old style support bracket for the throttle body. The Indian part number is 5256600
according to our Indian Dealer in Scottsdale AZ. The new bracket on the new Chief is larger than the VooDoo and will not work.

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