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Dean Speed

'22+ Indian Chief Rampage Muffler Set - Black

'22+ Indian Chief Rampage Muffler Set - Black

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These are the mufflers you've been looking for. Full Stainless Steel construction for durability and longevity. Baffling packed with Stainless steel wool that doesn't break down like the fiberglass packing used in other mufflers so you won't need to repack them for a long time if ever. Made with only the finest quality materials right here in the USA. No expenses spared in the construction and design.

Not only do they sound killer, they also perform. More high end power without losing that low end grunt. A deep and powerful sound at idle will make you think your bike doubled in cc's, a tame controlled growl at cruise that your ear's and your friends will appreciate on long rides but when you want to be heard, you're heard.

Sold as a set

Nearly a 50% weight reduction over the factory mufflers.

Rampage Quiet Baffles sold separately.

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Emissions Notice: Dean Speed exhaust systems and slip-on mufflers are legal for sale and use on U.S. EPA and California pollution controlled motorcycles not originally equipped with a catalyst in the exhaust system. In addition Dean Speed slip-on mufflers are legal for sale and use on U.S. EPA and California pollution controlled motorcycles that have the catalyst located in the header pipes upstream of the muffler. Removing a catalytic converter from a pollution-controlled motorcycle is considered tampering and can lead to substantial fines and penalties. Unless otherwise noted additional Dean Speed components shown are restricted to closed course competition use only.
Exhaust Noise Disclaimer: Unless noted, Dean Speed exhaust components do not meet U.S. EPA noise standards and may be restricted to closed course competition use. Check local noise ordinances before use.
Rampage mufflers: Not legal for sale or use on 2009 model year California touring motorcycles and all 2010 model year touring motorcycles. These models contain a catalyst in the head pipe and removing the catalyst from a highway motorcycle is a violation of pollution control laws.

*Check that all hardware is tight before riding with your newly installed parts.

*Thread lock is recommended


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All Dean Speed products are made right here in Phoenix, Arizona, USA