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Scout AXEO Front Suspension System

Scout AXEO Front Suspension System

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Two mono-tube, dual-chambered fork damper cartridges boast nitrogen chambers and floating pistons, so you can get the performance spring rate you desire. A machined 303 Stainless threaded pre-load adjuster provides more accurate fine-tuning for various riding styles and weights, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride. Enjoy improved stability, cornering, and traction, with eliminated front-end diving during aggressive maneuvers. Enjoy the firm feel for sweeping turns, and no more bottoming out on bumps or potholes. Plus, less drag on floorboards and pegs. Optimal performance with Legend rear suspensions, and a lifetime warranty. Crafted by hand in Sturgis, SD USA.

2022-2023 Indian Scout Bobber - -
2022-2023 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty ABS - -
2022-2023 Indian Scout Bobber ABS - -
2022 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty - -
2022 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty ABS - -
2021-2023 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty - -
2017-2023 Indian Scout Sixty - -
2017-2023 Indian Scout Sixty ABS - -
2016-2017, 2022-2023 Indian Scout ABS -
Notes: 2016
Scout N16MSA00/MS800
2015-2017, 2022-2023 Indian Scout
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