About Us

Custom runs deep in my veins. My great grandpa was one of the original hot rodders and raced circle track before NASCAR ever existed. My Grandpa would race his 50 Dodge every week. He would come home with a trophy or a wrecked car. Never anything in between. He always had the fastest car on the block. My dad was turning wrenches before before he could even drive a car. As I was growing up, no vehicle we owned, ever remained stock for more than a couple weeks. During the summers I would work for him at his hotrod shop, learning the trade first hand and developing a passion for anything that had a motor and ran on wheels. When I founded this company, I promised myself that every part sold would be made with that same passion and respect that I had developed working with my dad during those summers. It is my passion and drive that have allowed me to create a company of quality and care that delivers products that can be trusted and enjoyed. At Dean Speed, it is my promise to create products that are designed and created to be affordable and long-lasting.

This is just as much about you, the customer, as it is about me. Because without you, there is no Dean Speed. Please feel free to contact me about any product ideas or requests that you may have, as I love to here what you, the customer, wants. Some of the best selling products were inspired by customer requests and welcome your involved the design process.